November 15, 2011

I really love reading....

So, today i want to share with you a wonderful, and spectacular book (i'm sorry, it's not just one, they are 3....)
Last year my sister suggested i read this book written by Paullina Simmons:

this book has captured me!!!!!!!it's wonderful, it describes a perfect/imperfect love story between Alexander and Tatiana.... when you started to read this book, you MUST read the other two!

(This is the Italian book cover)
(and this is probably the original book cover)

So i started to give this book as a wonderful gift and all my friends love it!!!
When you start to read this cannot stop, and you identified with Tatiana... (so, that's what i did....)

This is a photo of Paullina Simmons, the Writer!!!

So if you don't know have any books to read, go and buy these books!!! and you'll dream....


  1. Thanks for recommending this book. I'm currently looking for something worth reading. I'm big fat fan of reading complex novels...

    pls visit my blog and leave a comment if you like. I'll appreciate it.

  2. Paullina Simons è fantastica! davvero! i suoi libri sono speciali. Li consiglio a tutti