November 5, 2011

Good intentions

Ok i decided i HAVE to run. Again. This summer i run a lot because i was studing and i need to release tension. My body took a very good shape.... but with these rainy days.... i prefer stay at home!!!
I'm a disaster!!!
So today i can probabily go to a sports shop to see if i can buy something to wear for my winter runs.
I started love running this summer!At the beginning it's a little bit boring, but after a little while, you'll love it!!!
i usually run here:

But here is even beautiful take a little time...

I even LOVE to go to the park (where my boyfriend lives) whith his little dog, Didi (i'm totally in love with her!!!!she is soooo cute!!!):

i can't have a dog, because my mommy doesn't like them.... so i'm counting down the days i'm going to live with my boyfriend!!!!
Have a nice weekend!

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