May 3, 2012


Ok, I have to write down something about my discussion and my graduation. You listened to me so much, and you encourage me soo much, that I have to tell you everything!!!!
So here's some photos!!!
the maximum mark I could take for my dissertation was 5, and I took 5!!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy!!!!
Here in Italy, especially in the University of Padua, we used to write a "papirus". The friends of the one who graduate, write down all the stupid and silly things that the graduated did during his life, they make some jokes and costumes. They dress me as a swimmer, because I can't swim....
then we went to eat something!!!!
......that's all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How exciting!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! Happy graduation!!! You must feel like you're on top of the world!

  2. Huge congratulations, Beina! Now THAT'S something to be proud of! :) Can't wait to see where life takes you next.