May 4, 2012

In these days....

It's a little bit strange having nothing to do. I can do all I want. And it's good, really really good.
  • So as usually, I go walking in my park, and I took some photos:

  • then, thanks to this girl I read in three days this book (and I totally love it!!!!!!!!!!):
  • then, I'm soaking up the sun, I'm reading, sleeping, shopping (ok, you can hate me!!! but I think I deserve this!)
And today I'm making some spring cleaning, I'm going to look which dresses I have to keep and the ones I can throw away.

P.S. As you can see, I made some little changes on my blog, and they aren't finish! : )


  1. Cara Bea!!!!!! a parte il fatto che le foto sono sempre bellissime...non vedo l'ora arrivi domenica per andare a vedere il film!!!!!!!! baci :) :)

  2. Beina! I really love the fourth photo posted. :) Would you mind if I showed it on my blog some Friday and link back to yours? It's so sunny and cheery. Happy Sunday!