May 15, 2012

I really love (May 2012)

Last night I saw "Julie and Julia" (I felt asleep before the movie ended but I REALLY REALLY like it!!!!) I have to watch the end, but it gave me motivation for my blog!!!
I like keeping a sort of diary here in the web, so I will go on!!!!
Some good things are happening in my life (not necessary in this order):
1) the job I've found
2) another probably job ( when I will be sure of it, I will tell you!! )
3) another wedding!!!! ( so 3 weddings for the summer!!!! )
4) thinking about the wedding in Paris! : )
5) having no studies!!!!!!
6) my growing plants ( salad, basil, tomatoes, yes tomatoes!!!!! )
7) I can put on my wedges!!!!! ( I LOVE THEM!!! )
8) I start to cook again!
9) More time to spend with my boyfriend!!!
10) some little freckles on my nose, because I'm soaking up the sun!!!!
Made by my boyfriend in Copenhagen

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  1. Bellissima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)