October 22, 2012


Friday has been a very strange day.
My boss talked to me at 5.20 pm (at the end of my day-work), and she said that I'm not going to work there.
No place for me there. I knew it, but you know....
So I went out, ready for an evening with friends, I was a little down, when I found a missed call of a number that I don't know on my phone. So I call them back and the number was of....!!!And they told me if I want to start to work with them.
Of course I say yes. yes. yes. yes.
The firm I'm going to work is set in Veneto, and is a clothing industry known all over the world.
I'm going to tell you the name of the firm when I'll sign.
So, these are my last days in the firm I'm working since may 2012. I'm sad because I've found wonderful people, but I'm thrilled for the new adventure that is waiting for me!!
Here's some photos that I took during this weekend:

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  1. Bea!!un nuovo lavoro!!sono così contenta..
    Un grosso in bocca al lupo...tengo le dita incrociate!!