October 15, 2012

Random thoughts

 - Yesterday I discover pinterest.
   And now I'm obsessed with it.
    It's wonderful, but I don't know how "my" pinterest would be, that's why I don't start it (in 2012....)
  • Then, it's since a lot of time that I want to make "an outfit post" on my blog (like this, this, this,.....). But everytime I "suggest" my boyfriend to take some photos of me, well.......then when I see myself on the photo I don't like me! I think landscapes are better then me! But, the time of an outfit-post will came, I'm sure!!!
- I'm trying to be "zen" at work
  • I've been able to save money for the entire month of September. And because I'm good at, I decided to do the same even during this month
- I need to sleep, more, that's why I'm going to sleep!

Have a nice week!!!

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