October 14, 2012

Last weekend

On Sunday my modem broke.
And I had so many photos to share with you....... and I had to wait for all this week to share them with you!!!!
Anyway, during this week I FINISHED THIS WORK!!!!!!!
Yes yes, now I really can talk about weekends!!!
So, this is how we spent our last weekend, with good friends, making marmelade, taking photos, learning something more about photography thanks to my friend Annina...here's some photos!!
... more photos to come!!!!


  1. Che carina Bea :)!!!!! L'ultima è bellissima :) :)!!!!

  2. Bella Bea!! Ma da quant'è che non ti vedo??!!
    Ti sei rifatta la frangia? o l'hai sempre avuta e non me ne sono mai accorta...?mmmm... Stai benissimo comunque...!!!

    1. Me la sono rifatta da circa un mese!!
      E la piastro OGNI SINGOLA MATTINA!!!