December 18, 2012

While Santa is packing gifts.....

.....I've been very busy in these days!!!!!!!!
So, in the weekend I had my first Christmas dinner, with the ones who came in Paris!
I didn't take photos, because the bride (yes, I still think about here in this way!!!) took a lot of them!!!
Anyway I cooked a flan that was really really good!!! (I'm going to share the recipe with you, one of these days!)
And we had such a great time together!!!
Then on Sunday, I went to Levico for Christmas Market!!!!!
Such a great great Sunday!!!!
This good, patient girl, Annina, tought me a lot of things about camera!!!!!!

.... to be continued......

PS: I don't know if is better writing in English or in Italian....Tell me!!!

1 comment:

  1. Cara Bea :) che belle foto!!!!! per me è indifferente tra inglese e italiano, basta che continui a scrivere ;)