December 3, 2012

Today I grow up a little bit

In the morning, at work, I did nothing. So in the afternoon I wrote a mail to my boss and I told him that I need to talk to him.
And I said that I'm going to leave the firm.
YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday will be my last day there, of doing nothing, I don't think they will feel my absence!!!!
But, I arrived to this decision, feeling so sure and brave, after the weekend that I spent with my boyfriend.
I felt so fine, so peaceful, so.... I cannot find the right word....I just think that everybody who loves somebody know what I'm talking about....because I think that the best things are little things....we watched "this movie", we made homemade bread, we went to the factory outlet of Replay, and we bought just a few things (sweaters, jeans,....just a few!!!!), in the morning I woke boyfriend up with Christmas songs....I know, nothing spectacular, nothing too extraordinary, but for me, these two days were special.
And this gave me the brave I need for talking with boss.

PS: Congratulations Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for your first child!!!!
I have to tell you, when I was young I thought I would have marry William. He would have looked at me and he would have felt in love with me. He was gorgeous. Then I grow up, and I started to think that I will never marry him because of a lot of reasons (that I'm probably going to tell you in another post!), so today I'm happy to say: congratulations Duke and Duchess of Cambridge alias Will and Kate!

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