October 8, 2013

Wet fall

I try to love fall, but when days are shorter, when it's cold and wet outside, and you have to put on a wool sweater beacause you're freezing....well, in these moments, I fall in love with summer.
But then I look at pinterest photos about fall...and well....I change my mind....
Here nothing really important happened.
In this weekend I find out something from the past:
- my very old and worn out Doc Martens (I wore them from 15 till 18 years old, and they even walked through the streets of Prague, during our last school trip!)
- my grandfather's radio
- my father's gramophone
- I watched Django ("D is silent, hillbilly!",I like that scene! I even like this movie, even if it was a bit distressing for me...)
- I bought some books on Amazon with my Mr
As I told you, nothing really interesting!!

But I 'm going to find out something great to share with you for the next days!!
Have a nice day!!


  1. That's what our fall looks like, minus the rain! So colorful, windy roads and so many wooded tree areas.... One of my favorite parts of North Carolina. (:

    1. You're so lucky!
      So fall is really wonderful in North Carolina!!

  2. Hello Beina! I think you will soon find all the positive and beautiful autumn very cold winter to do ... always feel better the summer, but there are wonderful things in the fall.
    I hope're fine.
    many kisses

    1. Thank you so much, Danny!!
      Something is getting better!!!

  3. that picture is so so lovely. what a great find! Every time I start missing summer, the changing colors of the leaves seem to change my mind as well :)

    1. I'm like you Christine!
      Nature is always able to surprise me and make me feel great!

  4. Finding old treasures, buying books and watching movies? Your weekend seems pretty cool to me!

    1. You're so right Reyes! Sometimes we don't see the good in what we have!

  5. The picture is beautiful and I love to look at things from the past :)
    I liked Django too even though it was a litle too brutal for me.


    1. I agree Larissa!!
      Have a good Friday!