October 13, 2013

Yesterday afternoon I spanned the centuries

I studied ancient Greek, and Latin for 5 years when I was at high school.
I've always loved that world, I'm fascinated by that culture where philosophy, tragedy, commedy, geometry, ..., were born.
For me, reading a book set in the Ancient period, is something amazing.
A man who knows (I think) everything about this period is Valerio Massimo Manfredi (just take a look at his biography...).
I first met him more than 10 years ago, during a lecture at our school, he talked about his book, then he signed my book, and nothing more. It was a good way to spend a different morning at school.
Yesterday I saw him again. But this time something was different. I was there because I really wanted to be there, to hear him talking about Odysseus's journey, breathing that pure and magic athmosphere that just a man like him is able to create.
I spent an hour and half listening at him, in a room like this, and it was something great, next to my sister.
Then, he signed my book, and I told him that I met him more then 10 years ago, when I was at school.
He answered me with a joke, I laugh, and I went away.
My face was burning, but I was dancing inside...

Valerio Massimo Manfredi while was reading a piece of his book

The writer while he was signing books
My book signed!!!


  1. Oh wow, I love how passionate you are about this man and his book! I always love when people are really passionate about something! You are really brave telling him that you met him ten years ago. I would probably be too shy :)


    1. Thank you so much, Larissa!!!
      I thought "well, he will never remember me!" anyway, my face was red/fuxia/bordeaux... :D

  2. Beina! How exciting! He is huge here in Spain, his books are everywhere! and you got to meet him, lucky girl!

  3. Beina Ahh I'm happy for you, you have that love for all this time. And you also have the opportunity to see a great! good that you enjoyed or both.
    many kisses

  4. Have a wonderful start in the new week Beina :)! And thank you so much for your last comment!

    Lots of love!

  5. Hi Beina! I discovered your blog through taza's or the londoner's blog can't remember.. and have to say that I love your fresh, simple, happy way of seeing life! I usually never leave comments, but have read in another posts that "our comments make your day" so, here I go, congrats on your blog:)
    I'm thinking about starting a blog, a lifestyle blog as yours but currenty studying a degree and a master and don't know if it could be compatible.. Does it it take long ours and extra work to you? Or it is easier than it seems? Thank you very much and very good luck!
    xx Mireia

    1. Mireia!! When yesterday I read your comment, I was about to cry!!! It really means sooooooo much for me!!!!!THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!
      So it doesn't take a lot of time! I don't speak a fluent English, so sometimes it's a little difficult, but then you find a comment like yours, and all your efforts are rewarded!!
      I try to make some better photos with PiCasa and now with Lightroom, and it takes some extra time, but I like it, so for me it's a good way to spend my time!
      And....when you'll start your blog, let me know, because I'm going follow you!!!!
      Have a very good day! You really made mine sparkling!!