January 21, 2014

21st of January....really?

Happy Tuesday!!
I'm back!!!
With a new notebook!
....do you know how many passwords I created during last years? Too much!!
Luckly my brain worked in a correct way, so I have a just password for all my blog-stuff...
By the way, I now have a new friend, that is by my side...and works in a very fast and correct way! I'm happy, happy...

That's what happened over this weekend...
- Gardening: awesome time, spent between my plants and I, with some music
- Eating pizza with my boyfriend and my mama
- Kissing under the rain... let me tell you...it's always a good idea!
- Welcoming my brand new notebook
- Drinking a hot cocoa
- Discovering a new fantastic blog
- Having new ideas for this blog!

Photo by Erin Boyle for Gardenista


  1. Sooooo good that you are back :) Are you happy with your new notebook? What kind of notebook is it?
    Thanks for you last comment - they always make me so happy :)!

  2. yeah! sounds like a fantastic weekend!!!!! xoxo

  3. Yes it's 21 January, time flies!!! I have just checked the new blog, lovely, so relaxing to look at and so nice to read. Thank you for sharing!

  4. It's nice to read that you are going through good days, I'm happy for you! And it will be lovely if you share with us your tips in photography! :)