January 29, 2014

I reall love (January 2014)

1. Finding "How I met your mother, season 7" in the mailbox
2. Wearing a new pair of Zara mustard pants
3. Having a vegetarian dinner with my pregnant friends
4. Gardening
5. The smell of rosemary
6. Looking for some new haircut, knowing that I'm not going to cut my hair... :)
7. My new notebook
8. Discovering that Pantone every year has "the color of the year", and I really like the one of 2014
9. The fresh sun of January
10. This book

Have a great hump day, dear friends!


  1. Hi Beina! I am actually enjoying January more than December, everything moves at a slower pace and I am able to enjoy the simple things better. In January I am really enjoying cooking new recipes, I was given a new Cooking book for Christmas with Asian meals and I love it! They are easy and delicious, the only complicated thing is finding some of the ingredients. Have a lovely week!

  2. Oh gosh! Me and my fiance love How I Met Your Mother! Must have been great getting that one in the mail.

    xo erica