January 9, 2014

Christmas markets, I love you!

I'm a very huge fan of Christmas markets!
Mr and I visited Christmas market in Trento in 2011, and in Levico in 2012.
I love the lights, the cold but warm weather, all the stands full of wonderful things to buy!
During Christmas markets I drank cider (I loved it!), I bought a pair of slipper that keeps my feet very warm, and I was going to try all the food in every stands...everything looked delicious!

Here's some photos I took from Christmas market in Bruneck!

And when the sun went down, Christmas markets looked even better!


  1. Aw the markets look so wonderful, wish we had something like that here!

    1. I totally love them!I don't have them in the city where I live...but I go to the mountains and there I find them!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your fashionable thoughts on my last post. Happy Weekend!

    1. Hi Sam, Thank you!
      have a nice week!

  3. Thanks so much for your last comment dear! It made me rally happy! I am so happy that I didn't give up blogging! Its so much fun :)
    I like christmas markets too! Too bad we have to wait for another year now until we have them back ;)
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I know it's funny!
      That's why I told you you shouldn't give up!
      I love your new post!
      Happy Monday!