February 4, 2014

Rainy days

Gooood morning!!!
Happy Tuesday, and happy February!!!
This is one of the months I love most...because Mr and I have our anniversary, because of S.Valentine day, because is a very short month, because in this period hyacinths are blooming and their smell is amazing....

Here in Italy is a very wet period. It's raining. It has been raining cats and dogs since last Tuesday.
It's weird, a little bit scaring because of the rivers, and well, boring!
For my photography classes I have some homeworks: I have to take photos of the rain, and of the rods. It's so funny! Today I'm going to go out in the rain, to take some photos!

On Saturday morning I went to IKEA because I had to buy a towel, I was alone. And I spent, I think half an hour, in the gardening section!
I would have bought everything!!!! I only bought a pottery vase, and some seeds for some flowers (unfortunately I have to sow them in April/May!) I love gardening!!!

jammy and jelly
I love the picture above!!!
I found it in Emily's blog, jammy and jelly, isn't great?!? She's a girl that "draw" her life! :)
I'm in love with her blog!


  1. Hey dear!
    Oh what a great month for you- anniversairy and flowers and valentines day :) we do not really celebrate valentines day, but thats okay. I like february anyway ;)
    Do you have any plans for your anniverisary? Going out for dinner or going on a weekend getaway?
    Lots of love!

  2. I feel like it's rainy here as well...... I usually like winter, because I can ski and my hair doesn't turn all poofy and what not. I think I'm starting to get Spring fever though. ;)