February 17, 2014

Something like Valentine's day

Happy Monday!!!
On Sunday afternoon Mr and I went out to visit Vicenza, that is a city next to where Mr and I live.
It's a medium city, it reminds me Padua (where I live), and it has a lot of buildings built by Palladio.
The weather was fine, the sun was shining, and we were looking for an afternoon to spend together, just the two of us...we bought a book of Robert Capa, a lavender soap, and I had a "Fogazzaro cafè"...well... take a look...
Caffè Fogazzaro, one of the best cafe I've ever had!
How was your weekend?
Hope everything was great!


  1. This looks so awesome! I want to go to Italy right now and have that super yummy looking coffee somewhere in the sun haha.
    Lots of love and enjoy the rest of your week :)!