March 8, 2014

Oh, hello there!

Happy Saturday to all of you!!!
Well, in these days I had been a little bit busy, because I have a lot of (temporary) works, that keep me occupied!
(Good thing, let me tell you!)
Plus, the weather is so good, the sun shines, it's warm and so, all I wanna do is take my camera, take my bike and ride around the city, taking photos of what I see...
March started as a good month: days get longer, all the plants start to bloom, and I feel lucky for everyday I live, for the sun that kisses my pale skin, for a wonderful news in our family, for being at a park with a young little lady that conviced me that a cake made with grass and daisies is a good idea, for having a friend that wants me by her side in one of her most important days of her life, for being by my sister's side, for the time I spend with my Mr....
well, I'm getting too sentimental...
so, I put my coat on, I take my bike, my camera, and I do what makes me terribly happy....

These are 2 of  all the photos I took for my photography classes, we had to take a selfie!
Let me tell you, a good selfie, is not easy to take!!! ;)

HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY, to you all!!!


  1. Hey there!
    I had a also a busy week- busy with doing things but also busy with enjoying the good weather :)
    The pictures are really pretty and so are you!
    Thanks for your last comment! They always make me really happy :)
    Lots of love!

    1. Thank you so much Larissa!
      I'm happy you're having a great time, and even enjoying good weather!!!
      Thank to you!

  2. good picture.. i love the idea of just riding around town on my bike, camera in hand.

    1. Yes, Hena, I'm enjoying my bike and my camera in these days, and I'm in a very good mood!!

  3. ci volevano proprio queste belle giornate... mettono il buonumore!
    e che meraviglia queste piccole cose :)
    buona settimana a te!

    1. Puoi proprio dirlo! Dopo un inverno sommerse dalla pioggia...questo sole è ancora più bello!!!
      Grazie mille per il tuo commento!!

  4. I'm glad it's warm and the sun is shining! It's a whopping 80 degrees right now and I'm still at work. 4:30pm so almost time to head and HOPEFULLY go for a run.

    Selfies ARE hard to take sometimes. It's much more fun when someone else just captures a moment. ;)

    Hope you are doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Amanda I've sent an e-mail to you 5 minutes ago!!! ;)
      I keep my finger crossed for your run!!!!
      I love your vocabulary!( :D whopping!) I'm learning a lot thanks to you!!!
      Have a nice run!

  5. Hey thats sooo cool that you will take yoga classes :)
    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, for the really first time. Have a look at it if you like :)
    Lots of love!