March 17, 2014

Strawberry swing

And so this last weekend, Mr and I spent our time...gardening!!!
It's one of the most relaxing thing that I could do!
While we were preparing our strawberries for this summer, Mr and I talked about our week, about our future garden, about time, and how it flies when we are together....
Of course you're invited to taste our strawberrie marmalade, as soon as possible...

I hope you had a great Monday!!
Come on, the week is already started!! ;)


  1. Yay! So happy that you are having strawberries on your balcony! Thats awesome!
    Did you start your yoga classes yet?
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for your comment!
    Oh, and let me know when you got some glasses, I would love to see them :)

  2. I did some gardening for the first time this spring a few days ago, too! I planted peas, kale, different salads and other things. Can't wait to see them all growing!