April 24, 2014

I really love...(April 2014)

Well, I've been away for a while...but I'm baaaack!
In this period I didn't take photos, because I didn't have the time....every evening I'm tired (do you know that on Monday 21st I started sleeping at 8:50 pm?....I'm sure that babies fall asleep later....), every afternoon I have something to do (babysitting, private lessons, ....) but this afternoon I went to say "Hello!", to my photography teacher, and...you know, I've been in his studio just for 1 hour because he had an appointment, but when I came back home, I couldn't do nothing but taking my camera...and I took photos of the flowers I have in my house!

And, here's what make me terribly happy this  month:
1) the book I'm reading, Presentimientos by Clara Sanchez
2) soaking up the very first sun of the season
3) thinking that in a month Mr and I are going to be in Amsterdam!!!!!
4) thinking about my future, I know Mr will be by my side, so, you know, "everything is gonna be alright"
5) singing in my car while I drive back home from work
6) talking with my sister
7) spending Easter with my family
8) cooking and eating asparagus risotto (deliciouos!)
9) receiving my first giveaway!!! from Larissa's blog Ce n'est que de la chance (I'm going to talk about this in a post...it deserves a post!!!)
10) spring has sprung


  1. Llego aca por tu cuenta de instagram ...very nice. Muchas de esas cosas tambien me sacaron un sonrisa. Saludos

  2. Yay! You will talk about your new glasses??? So looking forward to it!
    I will be on vacation for the next three weeks, just so you know that I will not be able to comment much :(
    Lots of love and dont forget me in the meantime ;)