April 8, 2014

April Fool's Day

Well, last weekend Mr and I went very very close to decide the date of our wedding.
I found an article in a newspaper, where they say "....if you get marry by 2015 UE (Europe) will give you 25000€, because Europe wants to increase weddings".
So, I went to my Mr's home, and I said "I know this is not the most romantic reason why we could get married....but...25000 €?!?"
And we said..."Ok, let's do this!", my Mr told me to find out more things about how we could get that money, so I went to my notebook, I browsed a little bit on internet.....and I found that it was a joke.
Yes, a joke.
That article was publish on 1st April, so...it was a joke. Not a very cool joke for me, to be honest.
For the a quarter of hour when Mr and I tought we could have marry before the end of 2015...well, it really was a great sensation, and we really were happy about it.
But, never mind, it's just postponed!


  1. Uffiiiii ;( pessimo scherzo :(

  2. It's very annoying and disappointing that it was a joke! At the same time it's better to get married when you both want it.. I'm not saying 25K wouldn't be nice :-) But since you both got happy and excited it might be the right time ;-)

  3. Oh wow...what a bad joke. I am getting married in October this year but we will spend a loooooot less than 25000 euros. We will spend almost nothing ;)
    btw, banana bread is really really yummy! Try it :)

  4. Ahhh I fall for EVERY April Fool's going!