April 13, 2014

An afternoon with a very pleasant company....

Oh. My. God.
Is this weekend already gone?
I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday!
So, on Saturday morning I was babysitting, so I played with Barbies, little horses, I went to my personal "hair dresser", you know, a typical Saturday morning....
Then in the evening Mr and I had an amazing pizza, and then we felt asleep watching tv....we are party people! ;)


He was looking for the way to the exhibition


Street of Vicenza
Today, we went to Vicenza to visit a photo exhibition, the "Magnum Contact Sheets" ( in Palazzo Leoni Montinari), it was a very good exhibition, with a lot of informations, about the photos and about how the photographer took and chose THAT photo.
We saw all the biggest photos of the XX century:  what happened in Normandy by Robert Capa, Che Guevara pictured by René Burri, Malcolm X by Eve Arnold, Martin Luther King by Leonard Freed, Margaret Thatcher by Peter Marlow, and so on.
For every photo, you could read the story of it.
The most beautiful photos were taken by chance, just because the photographers were there.
Others were taken in a little time.

The one I liked most of all was the photo taken on the Eiffel Tower by Marc Riboud.
Just take a look.... I weren't allowed of  taking photos, but this one, is the only one I wanted to have....

"Paris, 1953. Le peintre, surnommé Zazou, est à son aise, j'avais le vertige et je fermais les yeux chaque fois qu'il se penchait pour tremper son pinceau...(The painter , known Zazou is at ease, I felt dizzy and I closed my eyes every time he leaned over to dip his brush.") From Marc Riboud's website


  1. SO FUN! Whoever made work weeks 5 days and weekends 2 days was not smart... Should be 2 days of work and 5 days of a weekend! ;)

    1. I couldn't agree more with you, Amanda! :)

  2. I know this feeling when the weekend is too short. Good that its easter now so that we have a long weekend :)
    The pictures are beautiful! I love those little streets so much! i want to go to Italy :)!!!
    Happy Easter!

    1. Hi Larissa!
      You can come here when you want!!