May 29, 2014

I promise, last photos of Amsterdam!

There were always a lot of people!!!

This day we took a bike! Best choice ever!!!

A night we took our tripod and went out to take some photos...
No tourists on/around!!

Well, I know, these are a looot of photos, but, as I told you before, I fell in love with this city!
If you want to visit this city I recommend to visit the VAN GOGH MUSEUM, of course KEUKENHOF, and RIJKSMUSEUM.

So, here it seems autumn is back again, it rains, and it's a bit cold.
Even if I don't work, my days are really full!
I'm organizing a bachelorette party (do you know that it's funny but exhausting?), I'm babysitting, I go to help my photography teacher, and I work for my Professor (on data of XIX century), and I'm spending some time reading and working on my, life isn't so bad lately....


  1. bello!!! {proud eh?} Sounds like you are keeping busy busy!!!!!

  2. I love your Amsterdam pictures so I wouldnt mind if you post more and more and more ;)
    Its been a while since I was there the last time but your pictures make me wanna go again.
    Have a most wonderful weekend dear!
    Lots of love!