May 31, 2014

Goodbye May! and.... I really love - May !

May, May, May....I have loved you because...

1* I've been in Amsterdam for my first time! (wonderful, wonderful city, Have I ever told you this?)
2* my 5th or 6th internship ended
3* I discovered a great blog, and if you like cooking, you must know this amazing, great, wonderful blog, with an amazing, great, wonderful lady!
4* While I was looking for some information about Amsterdam (do I tell you I visited it? No?!?! hahahaha) I jumped into a great blog
5* Summer is almost arrived, or probably no
6* I read some great books soaking up the sun... little joy of being unemployed!
7* I've organized my first bachelorette party...and I discovered that organization is not for me ....
8* I run (sooooo great!!!)
9* I cooked a delicious cake for my Mr
10* Most important new of the month (probably of the year).....Mr and I took and important decision...we are going to go living together!!!! we are going to be roommate!!! I don't know when this is going to happen, but we're looking for a house....very very exciting!!!


  1. I am sooooo sad that May is over! For me it was the most beautiful month EVER!
    But Hey, I am sooo exited for you to move in with oneanother! Thats awesome! There is nothing better than to live together! Really! I love it so much to be with my Mr every day and to have him around and every day I so grateful for out apartment and for our living-together :)
    Congrats on that decision!
    Lots of love!

  2. Thank you for your comment dear!
    Have a wonderful day :)