July 25, 2014

Hey honey, take a walk on the wild side*

The second day Mr and I took a loooong walk through nature!
Sometimes we were silent, and we left nature talking for us, I took photos of working bees, I saw so many flowers, and walking kissed by the sun next to my Mr, was all I needed for my birthday!

If you look close you see an arriving bee! :)

This cloud alone in the sky was perfect

*of course, here is where this title comes from....


  1. Wow! Really really lucky you! I wanna go hiking! We went kayaking today and this was a lot of fun too even though I was a little afraid :)
    Thanks for your last comment- they always make my day and the last one helped me a lot :)

    1. Hi my dear!
      kayaking?!?!are you crazy?oh my Good!!!
      I'm not very brave....2 years ago I didn't do rafting, beacuse I was afraid (a looooot!!!)
      Really? I'm happy about this, if I can help you, I'm happy! :)

  2. Looks like a great birthday hike!!!!!!!!!!!!