July 10, 2014

Random facts of these first 10 days of July!

I'm back!!
I've been away for a while, baceuse I was busy!
I don't know if this happen even to you, but with summer, I always have a lot of this to do, people to see, sports to do...

- The most beautiful this is happpend last Saturday...because one of my best friends got married!!!
We've known each other since 1991 (we were 6 years old!), we grow up together, we got great and bad time together, and last Saturday she got married. With the love of her life.
And I couldn't be more happy for them!

The weird thing is that I took no photos at their wedding, I just wanted to enjoy that time, that day, it's weird, totally weird, but I was in that mood...
Now, they're in the USA, visiting Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco....I think it's a very interesting honeymoon!

- In these days it seems we are not more in July: it rains, it's cold, and it's not a real July!!!

- Mr and I started to go swimming every Sundays! I swim for a km!For me is reaaaally a loot!!

I think I'm going to write a little more!
And I totally want to take photo!
Mr this weekend is away, so I think this could be the right weekend for taking photos!
Have a nice Friday!!!


  1. It looks like a lovely wedding. It is nice not to take photos and just enjoy the moment sometimes!
    Good for you for swimming, I hate it because I am the worlds slowest swimmer in teh world haha!
    Have a great weekend x

  2. So happy to hear that your childhood friend got married. I cannot wait for my wedding in October :) when its warm enough I also go to the lake to swim. But these days the weather here is also cold and gray :(
    Lots of love!