July 21, 2014

This is where I turned 29....

I'm back, and I'm one year older!
For my 29th birthday, my sweet Mr took me to Austria!
So, we were into Nature for 3 days, and now, I woul love to live there!
We stayed in a good hotel, in Kartitsch, that was a little village, it reminded me the one of Heidi...

I cannot stop taking photos, I was so happy, so in love with that trees, with that houses, with that green grass, with that wide valleys...
I celebrate my birthday in a fantastic bakery, it is called "Kofler", and they have the best cakes in the world... :)


  1. OH woooooowww! LUCKY YOU! You have to tell us a little more about your Mr... what is he working? You guys are travelling so mich, how can you afford all of this :)???
    The pictures are awesome and I just love that you went to Austria to celebrate your birthday there only the two of you. Thats really romantic :)
    Lots of love!

    1. Hahahaha!!!
      We don't live togher, I think this is why we can travel!and we are close to a lot of wonderful places, so.....
      Thank for your wishes, Rosa!
      Have a nice weekend!

  2. Wow looks like you have a fabulous birthday, you lucky lady!!
    You photos are just gorgeous and you are giving me a serious case of wanderlust.
    Have a great weekend! x