September 9, 2014

Crete: a day in Falassarna

Well, if I can suggest you an island where you can spend a week, well this is Crete. (to be honest, one week is not enough...2 weeks are better, because it's a very large island!)
Anyway, Mr and I spent a wonderful week!
So this was our vacation....
We rented a car, and we  Mr drove for the whole week, our apartment was in Kissamos (I don't share the name of the apartament, we didn't like it...). The city's a great place because it is near to a lot of great beaches!
We spent the whole day in Falassarna, we were tired, and so we decided that the best way for starting our vacation was soaking up the sun, reading, and swimming!

....and we swam in this sea!!!! :)


  1. Wow it looks lovely there! I would love to go there some day, the sea looks so gorgeous and blue.
    Your photos are stunning! :)