September 22, 2014

I really love.... (September 2014)

Mr took this photo...

Well, well, I know I didn't write my "I really love" for the month of August (and probably even for July), but, here I am, so let's go with all the things I've loved in this month!

1- A little brand new healthy wonderful girl joined our family at the end of August!
And we are all almost in love with her! (At last I can talk with someone about the magic of Christmas! :) )

2- Running: 5 km, 3 or 2 times a week, while I listen to my favourite singers, it's the best way I have for being peaceful and fine with myself after a day at work

3- Taking photos of my friends' kids because she said I'm good!

4- Taking photos at the Ultimate Frisbee, because my cousin is the best!

5- Spending time with my Mr

6- My weekend breakfast: I usually eat bread with jam, but, on weekends I eat it with hazelnut cream: it's a very sweet "goodmorning!"

7- Walking in "my" park with my mum, and finally talking with her, and not having a fight with :)

8- Looking forward to: a women volley match (Holland-USA), a friend's graduation, and a wedding!!!

9- My new haircut (I did it again)

10- Our new caaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Mr and I bought a car!!!!! This deserve a post, I know, and it will arrive!


  1. Congrats on your car! I do not even have a drivers liscence ;)
    Your month sounds really good and I think i shoudl so running too. I miss it but then I find it so hard to just get started, especially now that the weather is getting so cold :(

  2. First of all - I really miss Crete when looking at your beautiful photographs from there! I don't think 2 trips to that gorgeous island are enough, we need to go back some day. Last fall we went to Rhodes (we've been there several times as well) but I don't like it nearly as much as I like Crete. Now we are planning on another trip but probably not to the Greek islands this time.

    I seriously need a haircut, too! I've been trying to grow long hair but every time I do that, I eventually get tired of it and cut it really short again! :D So now I'm at a point where I'm thinking of going short again, but a part of me wants to keep growing it a bit more... We'll see what happens!