September 15, 2014

I discover a new sport: ultimate frisbee

Happy Monday to you all!!!
So I had a very busy week, that's why I didn't write so much in this little corner of mine!
On Saturday and Sunday I knew a new sport: ultimate frisbee.
One of my cousin plays this sport, her team had a competition on Saturday and Sunday, and...guess who was the photographer?
My cousin asked me if I could take some photos, and I said "Yes, why no?".
Do you wanna know something?
It's hard, very very hard, taking good photos of people playing ultimate frisbee. The frisbee is little, it flies quickly, and it not easy to take photos of it. You can imagine how difficult is taking good photos.
I took 1122 photos.... :), and I think just 50 are good...

I even met a very kind guy... he had a very good lens (70-300mm), I told him "!you had a great lens!!!" and he lent it too me for the rest of the afternoon...

Here's a few photos of the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, DiscoLudens 2014:

....frisbees are sooo nice!!!


  1. Great photos!
    It looks like a fun day! :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! I think those action pictures are great! I know how hard it is to take good pictures of people running and jumping around :)

  3. I am waiting for more pictures from Crete to come ;)