December 10, 2014

15 days to Christmas!

We had a loooong weekend, and, let me tell you, I really needed it.
I took a lot of time with my Mr, I bought a new smartphone (the one I had was broken) we went to see a volleyball match, we ate pizza, we fell asleep on the sofa, and we saw some houses for rent.
I like the house #2, he likes house #4, so I think we will fall in love for the house #6, or know!
But, I like having this kind of problems!I like thinking about our future home: "where can we set the table?", or "where can we set our bed?" and "what about the mirror in the bath?" Nice, isn't?

And on Monday we decorate our Christmas tree!!! it's so woooooonderful!!!!!!! not because it's mine, but I really love this period of the year!

 I love this video, it's by John Lewis, I love sharing it with you, because it's great....

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  1. Its so great that the two of you are looking for houses now! I can totally understand that it is something really special and wonderful! My husband and I want to move by Fall next year because we need a bigger place when the baby is getting older... I cannot wait for it :)!!!