December 11, 2014

Thank you

And so, here we are.
In what I think is the most beautiful month of the year.
In the last month of the year.
So, nothing is happening, but the fact that I'm very happy.

I'm celebrating my new work with all my friends, my family, everyone.
I would love to take a tea with you too. I would love to bake a cake and talk for hours with my friend Amanda, about photography, about running, about how is life with a husband, and so on....with Rosa asking something about pregnancy, vegan diet, and shopping, and with Sarah that surely would suggest me some wonderful places to visit.
I think the new job is just an excuse, because since I "met" these wonderful ladies I thought  it would be great meeting them in real life!I "celebrate" with you here, because I cannot come to your houses with a cake and a bottle of wine!
...but, you know, never say never! :)



  1. You never know! Maybe one day we will have tea and cake. :)

  2. Aww love this!
    One day we shall have tea and cake and wine! :)

  3. Thank you a lot dear! Also for your last comment which made me really happy!
    And yeah, I am not really on twitter... somehow I never really understood twitter haha.
    How is your weekend going? Did you get all your christmas gifts :)???