December 23, 2014

Lienz by night

This has been a very busy period. I was waiting for Christmas for having a little bit of calm, for taking my time, for relaxing.
But my body knows what's better for me, before than me.
That's why I'm sick. I've got the fever. And there's only 2 days to Christmas!!! :( I wait for Christmas the whole year, and when it arrives I got sick. :(

By the way, I now have some me-time, hoping this fever goes away soon! And what's better than a morning spent on my blog?

On December 13th and 14th, Mr and I spent a weekend in Lienz with some friends to see Christmas Markets.
Markets were small, but cute, we ate a lot of Austrian foods, and we had a great time. We arrived and we took a look at the Christmas markets, then we went to see the Castle! We hoped to visit it the day after, but it's closed until May 22nd....
Here's some photos!


  1. I hope you get well very soon so that you can enjoy christmas!!!
    These pricutres are so pretty and I love that you travel so much! I never liked christmas markets but when I see your pictures I somehow like them anyway ;)
    Have a merry merry christmas dear!

  2. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well! I sent you a recipe I found for when you are feeling sick. I drink warm water, 1/2 lemon and organic raw honey every morning before anything else. This recipe has another thing to add, but can't go wrong trying to fight off the sickness naturally. I always chug water and drink chicken noodle soup. Seems to get rid of sickness fast for me.

    Sending some love!