May 1, 2015

Bruges (part 2)

Happy first day of May!
No work here, and the best way to spend some time me-time is organizing my photos!
I need some time with no work, today Mr and are going to clean the house and tonight you're hosting some friends for dinner!
Just a simple way for spending some time with people we care...
But for today, here's some photos of Bruges!
So you can fall in love with this town as me!

This is one of my favourite photo


  1. Bruges looks like a place worth visiting! I have never been there.
    The baby is good and she is sleeping up to five hours at night, so its okay ;)
    I hope you enjoyed your long weekend so far and had a nice dinner party with your friends!?
    Sending much love!

  2. Love your photo's! I love Bruges so much, it is so pretty isn't it? It looks like you got better weather than I did, it pretty much rained the entire time I was there haha.