May 16, 2015

A week in our little "family"

Summer is slowly arriving.
Trees are full of green leaves.
Yesterday I wore my wedge heel.
On Tuesday I really had a bad bad bad day at work. And when I get angry I cry. Not a very good reaction, to be honest.
So I came home, I talked to myself, and then I talked to my Mr. When I have problems, talking to my Mr about them is always the best solution. He gives me good advices, and he makes me see things from another point of view.
Wednesday was really better.
And my Mr came home with 3 red roses and 3 red calla lily.
On Thursday I baked his favourite cake.
On Friday we ate pizza and got sleep together.

Well, I knew it would be cool living with my Mr, but reality is even better...

I took this lovely illustration here

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  1. It makes me really happy to read this! For me its the same - talking to J is the best and he always makes me feel good again :)
    Why did you have a bad day at work? I hope its better again now!?!?!