May 31, 2015

Pack your bags: Brussel

So, Mr and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in Bruges and Brussel.
It was February.
Now that it's almost June, I can share some photos about Bruxelles! :)

I liked this city! It was windy, sunny, and we ate a lot of waffles and french fries!

Manneken Pis, the symbol of Bruxelles
Jeanneke Pis


  1. That first B&W image is so cool! :)

  2. I really like your pictures from Brussels! I have never been there but I think I have to go :)
    The baby girl is good, she sleeps a lot and is really nice to us - she rarely cries is in a good modd most of the time! We really love her. One day you have to come to visit so that you can meet here!