December 6, 2015

It's Christmas time!

And the happiest month of the year is begun.
In the morning, while I drive to work, I listen to Christmas songs.
I have to think about Christmas gifts for my family and friends.
In the evening I try to drink a cup of tea, and my favourite now is the "Christmas taste", apple and cinnamon.
It's the first Christmas Mr and I will spend together, in the same house.
Sometimes I'm too busy for thinking about all I have now.
Yesterday evening Mr and I had an homemade pizza made by one of my best friends and her husband. Nothing special, just the 4 of us, but it really was a great night.
Today, Mr and I are going to bring some Christmas in our home.
Christmas tree.
All the lights around the house.
Christmas decorations.
Christmas songs.
Oh, it will be a great Sunday.
And now, until Mr wakes up, I bake some muffins, for our breakfasts :)
Have a great Sunday, my friends.

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