February 24, 2016

"Le avventure della pice" meets "Ce n'est que de la chance" :)

Do ou remember when Mr and I went to Berlin last November?
Well, something special happened....
We met a wonderful girl, Rosa, that I first met on her nice blog "Ce n'est que de la chance"
It was so so so good spending a morning together!
I heard her voice for the first time, we really talk about a lot of things...it was like we know each other since so much time!
This is probably the best memory that I have about our journey in Berlin!

We met in Berlin, and we had a stroll through a fabric market.
We were talking each other, and it was snowing...well it really was magical!
Then we had a coffee and we talked and talked, she was there with her wonderful baby girl...while I was talking to her, I was thinking she was so good, so calm, she was a perfect mother, and a great person, I was very lucky to meet her!!
This is the power of the web!

I really hope we will meet again in the future!


  1. Awwww, what a beautiful post! Thank you sooooo much! I am sure we will meet again! I love the picture of the three of us ;)
    Thank you so much again for the great half-a-day we spent together!!!
    I felt completly the same way as you did! :)

  2. It's so cool when you get along with someone online and then you're able to meet them in person :) I had a similar experience and felt just like you described!