February 21, 2016

One year in our house!

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone!
One year ago, Mr and I started our lives in our new house.
We packed our lives and start living together as a "family".
After one year, I can say that I'm really really happy to live with him.

During this year:
I broke a lot of glasses
I planted a loooot of plants
I cooked lots of vegetables
We had a lot of dinners with friends
We got engaged
We spent our first Christmas
We are planning our wedding.

So, this year has been good to us.
I just want to have so more time for us.

Here's some photos of our first year in our house:
the sky

Our breakfast
Our blackboard
Choosing the best guide
Wardrobe arrived in July!!

I think I should update this little blog more, but, to be honest, after a day spent in the office in front of my pc, in the evening the only thing I want is to do something far from technlogy!
I wish you a very happy Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, one year already! Congrats on the first year of living together :)
    hey, since you did not post the picture of the two of us on your blog, would you mind sending it to me? I would love to see it actually :)
    How is the wedding planning going? Is it fun or stress so far?
    Have a great week dear Bea!