December 14, 2011


Yesterday I received my first Christmas gift!!!!!!
I went to my beautician, and she gave me this!!!!!!
It really smells good!!!!!

Then yesterday evening my neighbor came to say hello to me and my mommy ... he is two years older than me, and we are grow up together. 
When I were about 15,  he was coming to my house every afternoon to stay with me and my sister, and we really laughed a lot , we had great time together... then, we grow up and we took different paths, but we are affectionate each other ... his presence made me think about the past ...
this is a photo of me and my neighbor (I call him "brother", because he has been next to me in a very bad period of my life, as only a brother can do)
That's a photo of me and my brother when I graduated (4 years ago)

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