December 21, 2011

Fantastic afternoon

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to our Christmas shopping, and we took a digital picture frame for my boyfriend's father .... but, he already has it. (Boyfriend did not remenber this :) )
So we have to change it, but with what?
We are not very technical, so what can we buy?
And we decided to buy this:

POTS, FOR OUR FUTURE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And for us this is a very big big step!!!
We have non work, no house, no graduation yet, but we buy pots!!!
That's why I LOVE  MY BOYFRIEND!!!!
Yesterday I really had a wonderful afternoon!!! After buying pots ( :) ), we went to IKEA, (I love it), and I bought this
 .... and now i'm ready to cook some wonderful Christmas cookies!!!

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