December 26, 2011

Nativity set

Today my mummy and I went to eat to my grandpa's house. We have replicated  Christmas lunch:
-  there were my two aunts and their husbands (my uncles)
-  there were all the leftovers from the day before (but with much smaller portions, thank to God!!!)
..... but none of my cousins was there.
 So after lunch I took my bicycle and I went around.
And I thought that i love nature, and I love winter, and sunny days like these..... and i'm grateful for all this!
Then, I was coming back home and in my street,  I saw this amazing nativity set! all the statues were moving!!!
The blacksmith works the iron
In the nativity set, shepherd the sheep shearer, the sheep is drinking, the fisherman catch a fish

I love this little vegetable garden!
It's really wonderful!!!!!!you have to see it, because everything is moving!!!

PS: I know all the photos of the nativity set are very very big! But in this way you can see all the details!!

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