December 4, 2011

New tastes

In this period I'm not living a life full of adventures.....
Yesterday afternoon I went to say hello to my grandma, and when I came back home, it started rain!!!!I was with my bicycle, and without any umbrella......
When I arrived home I was soaking wet....
I am the one without umbrella ... but with a bicycle!!
So I changed clothes and I began to study (what a surprise!!!!)
But I was still I decided to make myself a cup of tea!! !
This is a very big news, because I usually don't like tea!!!!! ( I should say I hate it .... before yesterday!)
Yesterday I found my cup of tea very good, warm.... and I liked it!!!!!!!
To my tea I added a bit of milk, and sugar.... it was quite good!!!!
Today I'm going to repeat the experiment.....
Then I'll be ready to explore "tea world"!!!!

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