March 28, 2012

The lady plant

She is bloomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think this plant is a lady, that's why I talk about "her"!!!
My thesis is blooming too, today my boyfriend has his last Universitary exam, (the one I did in December), and here the weather is good.
Today I feel fine, and positive.
I hope you have a great day too!!!
PS: THANK YOU for all your lovely comments!!!they mean a lot for me!!!


  1. Yesss! A perfect sign for 'Summer is coming'!!! :)
    Good luck with your thesis! What is the title of your thesis?

  2. Love when plants start to bloom! It makes it fee like spring has officially sprung :) Great shot!

  3. Beautiful, Beina! Somehow, I've been able to keep my basil alive! They're perched on my kitchen windowsill and watered everyday. It made me think of you, since you've got a green thumb.

    What is your thesis about? I did mine over the correlation with consumer purchasing and lighting in an environment. SO much writing! Very proud of you for putting yourself through this. :) Congrats to your boyfriend on his last exam!

    Happy Wednesday!