March 13, 2012

Things I love (March 2012)

Things I love of this month!!!
1) Days are loooonger
2) Flowers are blossomed!!!
3) This is the last month of my life that I study, it sounds good
4) I discover new friends
5) My boyfriend is bearded (I like like him!!!)
6) I'm reading a cool book "Yesterday's news" by Ingemarsson Kajsa: I have to finish it, but it talks about kitchen
7) My rides with my bicycle
8) Making silly photos to put in my blog
9) My house full of flowers that my boyfriend gave me
10) My boyfriend. This is probably the first thing that I love, but I don't want to be tooooooo sweet!


  1. I love reading these lists. :)
    And I like it too when the boyfriend has a beard. Too bad he always has to shave for work.

  2. It's me again! :)
    I tagged you in a little game where you have to answer lots of stupid questions. ;)

  3. i love march!
    check out my blog
    and follow or leave a comment if you like it :)