March 23, 2012


Unexpected 1
Yesterday one of my Professor searched for me. I was studing in the computer room of our University, he entered, sat down next to me and started talk to me about the thesis. He was very nice, smart, and even funny. And now I'm a little 'quiter then before.

Unexpected 2
this ivy, a present from my boyfriend ( : ) )

Unexpected 3
it's going to blossom!!!!!!!!!!

Unexpected 4
the gift that my boyfriend made to me for our 4th anniversary:
these lovely mugs.....

these glasses....
and this pillowcase (you know I adore dogs.....)

I can say unexpected wins expected 4-0.
I love unexpected things.


  1. Oh how cute are those glasses! Is your boyfriend an illustrator? I would love to have such cute glasses for myself :)

    I'm happy you had such unexpected turns! I wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend Pice!

  2. I love your unexpected moments! Love the pretty little flower about to blossom, and your boyfriend's gifts are so sweet. I really like those mugs!!!

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Friday, Beina!