May 25, 2013

Get lucky

That's what has happened during these last days....not in this particulary order!
  • This morning I met my hairdresser because yesterday morning I saw 3, yes 3, white hair in what I can call "my-ex-bangs". And I don't know how many white hair I have in the rest of my head...So this morning my hair dresser has covered up all of them...Well done, Mr hairdresser!
  • I started to attend photography classes!!! Yeeees!!!!And I'm very very happy about this!  Despite what I thought, I have to boyfriend is right...I MUST READ (STUDY) USER'S MANUAL...
  • Winter is arrived. It's true, it's cold, I'm wearing a wool sweater, and, I hate this. It's the end of May, I WANT to put on my summer-dresses, and soak up the sun, and wearing my wedge heels!!!!
  • I'm trying to understand something about pinterest....I try to use it....just give me a week, and I'll become addicted to!!!
  • While one of my friend is on her honeymoon, another one is building her first house, I'm still looking for a real and serious life cool?
  • I met some fantastic girls during this my internship
  • I've read two great books: The Painted Veil by William Somerset Maugham, and I finished to read The Sweetness of Forgetting by Harmel Kristin....two wonderful books!!!
  • Ah, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

Here's some photos took on a Saturday in May (when it was almost spring....)

 For the first time I sat down on my Mr's shoulders....and, guys!!!world is very high!!!

Have a nice Saturday!!!


  1. How exciting, I too would like to take lessons from photographs, I wish you well in your classes! to study! : D

    You will learn very quickly, because you take beautiful photographs

    many kisses and hugs

  2. Thank you!!
    I hope my teacher think the same!!! :DDDD

  3. Pinterest is a great tool! Sometimes I find you need a reason to investigate pinterest. For example, you want to find a specific recipe, outfit idea, bedroom inspiration. Then it's like whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Love this thing!

    I feel your pain with May / cold. Even though it's almost summer here, this past weekend I was in Chicago and we had a big roaring fire going b/c it was still cold out!

    PS - you should link up your email address to your blogger account. I always to try email you and it's not linked up so I can't contact you!

  4. You have been busy!!
    The photo's are fab and how exciting you are doing a course :)
    I am addicted to Pinterest!
    Don't worry about buying a house, you have plenty of time xx