June 1, 2013

I now know why they call him "the boss"...

...yes, yesterday night I was working at Bruce Springsteen's concert. And yes, I'm very ignorant about music, and I don't listen to the music of the most important singers of all the time.
But, let's imagine: you are ringing up in a bar inside the stadium where Bruce Springsteen will sing, with one of the most nice and positive friends that you have, it's 5:30 PM and the concert will start at 8:30.
Then you hear a rumble, and all the people around you start to run to the stage.
So Bruce Springsteen appears on stage.
And he started to sing. For his fans that were waiting for him since 8 in the morning.
And I looked around in the field, and while Bruce Springsteen was singing this song, I saw an old man, that was sitting on a chair. In his right hand was holding his walking stick, and he was beating it on the floor in rhythm.
It was the situation, the music, the air that I was breathing, I don't know what it was, but I looked at my friend and I saw that she was almost crying too.
The rest of the concert was awesome. The boss sang, danced, run, played and all I could see, was that he was having a #@€ good time, he was happy, totally happy.
And now I know, why they call him "the boss".
Have a great Saturday!

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