June 13, 2013

Ma cosa hai messo nel caffè?

I met so many people in these days!!!
That's why I didn't update my blog!
Tonight no photography class, so here I am!
You have to know that my "photography teacher", is the one that took the official photos of my cousins' wedding.
And looking at the official photos, I found some of me and my Mr...so I asked him if he could give me them, and I've got them! (just 3 but they're enough!)
Anyway... here you find the one I like more...because that's how we really are!!! I love my Mr because with him everything looks better, because my future with him is full of light and has no shadows, because every song I listen to reminds me of him, because, of course, he's my Mr, and I cannot add more but...thank you for being by my side, Mr!!!
photo by Stefano Aiti


  1. THose are wonderful pictures! Great blog!

    1. Hi Nicole!!!
      Thank you soo much!!!
      I try to leave a comment on your nice blog but I wasn't able...I don't know why!! :(

  2. How nice! I'm glad you have a beautiful love, the phrase where every song remind you of him, he looks so beautiful and identifies me as well. For me the best, only true in this world is love.

    Magnificent photography!

    kisses to the lovers

    1. I really agreewith you Danny!!
      Thanks for your comment!!!
      Have a nice day!

  3. Bellissima foto e belli voi <3 !!!!

  4. Wonderful picture! I can totally understand how you feel about your love- I am in a really wonderful relationship too and I am just so thankfull every single day :)

    Happy weekend!