June 16, 2013

(You make me feel like) a natural woman

Today Mr and I went to visit a little park, and then we decided to walk trough the streets of Padua, where we live.....and while we were walking, I thought "Well, if Padua wasn't be the city where I live, I'd probably fall in love with it"...and that's why I decided that I'm going to write a/some post/s about my wonderful city! But not this time....
This weekend is flown away too fast...on Saturday I get a beautiful tan! (to be honest, I'm red like Sebastian, the crab friend of Ariel, The little Mermaid....), then we had a great dinner with friends, and today after watching at some episodes of "How I met your mother", we decided to get out of the house, because....summer is finally arrived!!!
And we visited parco treves, where I had a very awesome model...

Here's some photos!
I still have some problems with the light...but I'm working on it, as you can see!
The background is out of focus....while my model is thinking about his happy things...
I light on the light!

As we saw this umbrella....we looked one each other.....we both thought about A YELLOW UMBRELLA.....as friends of us, do you think we should stop to watch at "How I met your mother"?


  1. Wow! YOur city looks awesome! I would to visit it and walk through those beautiful streets too! Befor that I would to see more pictures from there :) I see that you are getting better with the light! Really nice! Where in Italy is your city?
    Happy Monday :)

    1. Hi Larissa!!!
      I live next to Venice, in North Italy...just give me some time, and you'll see some photos of my city!
      And thank you for your encouragement with photography!!! ;)

  2. Are you learning to shoot manually? (: Looks like a beautiful place to live!!!

    1. Yes I do, Amanda!!!
      it's complicated and muddled, but it's worth!!! (sometimes...hahaha!)